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Radial Announces New Rebrand with Radial Payment Solutions

Radial’s comprehensive suite of solutions empowers brands and retailers with streamlined payments and robust fraud protection

KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – May 31, 2023 – Radial, Inc., the leader in eCommerce solutions, today announced its newly rebranded Radial Payment Solutions, designed to transform payment processing, tax compliance and fraud prevention for businesses. With Radial’s fully managed solutions, eCommerce retailers can optimize payment and fraud management operations, eliminate false declines, handle tax compliance, and protect against chargeback fraud.

The escalating growth of eCommerce highlights the criticality of implementing robust payment and fraud detection processes and prevention measures, considering the projected $48 billion loss to eCommerce fraud in 2023. eCommerce brands and retailers must now take proactive steps to safeguard themselves and ensure a secure customer experience. With over 25 years of expertise in the payments and fraud domain, Radial possesses a deep understanding of the multifaceted challenges faced by eCommerce brands and retailers, encompassing issues such as chargebacks, declined payment methods, fraud, complex taxes, fees, and oversight costs. Through Radial Payment Solutions, eCommerce brands and retailers can address these obstacles and provide an unparalleled experience for their valued customers.

“Radial is an excellent partner in their payment, tax and fraud offerings. Using their solutions, we have substantially grown revenue. Also, we have avoided a large amount of cost through their best-in-class fraud protection,” said Bill Quinn, Senior Vice President Marketing and Digital of Hibbett.

Radial Payment Solutions offers a comprehensive range of features and benefits designed to meet the diverse needs of eCommerce brands and retailers. By accepting payments across the eCommerce ecosystem, reducing operating costs, increasing conversions, and providing preferred payment options, Radial enables brands and retailers to enhance their customer experience while accurately collecting taxes and preventing fraud.

With a track record of processing over $4.9 billion in payments and boasting a 98.9% fraud approval rate, Radial’s optimized payments system instills confidence in eCommerce brands and retailers. The industry-leading Radial Fraud Zero service, a fully outsourced fraud management solution, collaborates with existing payment providers to seamlessly eliminate fraud risks. Brands and retailers can stay one step ahead of fraudsters and protect their operations and customers with Radial Fraud Insights, which provides risk-level ratings for every order. Additionally, Radial serves as a trusted partner for enhanced tax compliance, simplifying regulatory requirements through tailored rules, worldwide tax rate management, and customized tax reports.

“Our Radial Payment Solutions are designed to empower eCommerce brands and retailers to capture the full value of consumer transactions with seamless, secure, and efficient payment processing, fraud prevention and tax compliance solutions” said Yvan Gilliard, Senior Vice President of Payment Solutions & Omnichannel at Radial. “From an end-consumer perspective, payments are a critical and integral step in the online experience with the brand. Working with the biggest consumer brands in North America and globally, we understand the critical role payments and fraud prevention play in eCommerce brands and retailers’ success and we’re committed to helping our clients unlock opportunities, optimize operations, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.”

Whether it is turning payments into a strategic advantage, achieving tax compliance, or safeguarding against fraud, Radial Payment Solutions are poised to empower eCommerce retailers to thrive in the digital marketplace. To learn more please visit Radial Payment Solutions.

About Radial:
Radial, Inc., a bpost group company, is the leader in eCommerce solutions. Premier brands around the world confidently partner with Radial to deliver their brand promises, anticipate and respond to industry disruption, and compete in a rapidly evolving market. Our expansive network of fulfillment centers, flexible transportation services and advanced omnichannel technologies, help clients meet increasing consumer expectations and maintain market competitiveness. With our personal customer care services and intelligent payment and fraud solutions, brands confidently deliver high-value customer experiences required today. We are flexible, scalable, and focused on our clients’ business objectives. Follow us on LinkedIn.

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