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56% of Shoppers Say Experiences are Disconnected


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56% of Shoppers Say Experiences are Disconnected

While 87% of shoppers begin their buying journey online, the number of shoppers who still value the in store experience is at 90%.

Omnichannel is evolving, and the numbers tell the story – especially during peak season:

  • Customers are using more channels
  • The store is still central to shopping
  • eCommerce underpins the buying journey

Merchants struggle to keep up with the pace of change and the blurred lines of store and online – and customers say they still get a disconnected retail experience.

Follow best practices for peak omnichannel performance to help bridge the gap and streamline operations across the physical and digital storefronts.

View our informative infographic to learn how industry trends point the way to nailing peak omnichannel.

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