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Sharpening Omnichannel Inventory Management to a Razor’s Edge


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Sharpening Omnichannel Inventory Management to a Razor’s Edge

Inventory is the lifeblood of your business, and accurate, efficient, cost-effective omnichannel inventory management capabilities are critical to your retail success.

When you consider that 82% of retailers agree that the rise in customer expectations has increased the need for streamlined inventory management, it’s clear that the right supply chain strategy is key to meeting customer demands.

Download RIS News’ report, sponsored by Radial, for the insights you need to create an omnichannel inventory management system that meets your customers’ expectations while achieving your financial goals. You’ll learn the:

  • Software you need to manage the complexity of your supply network
  • Common mistakes that can occur when systems go awry
  • Most popular omnichannel fulfillment services used by retailers
  • Dangers of having an inefficient supply network
  • 4 benefits of fine-tuning your inventory network
  • 5 opportunities to achieve financial gains in your supply network
  • 3 emerging technologies a majority of retailers are investing in
  • 5 critical applications you need to achieve internal performance goals
  • 5 technologies you must improve to meet customer expectations

Get your copy of the report now for everything you need to develop a sophisticated omnichannel supply network, a strong focus on customer demands, and analytic technologies to increase revenues and improve loyalty.

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