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5 Operational Tips to Power Your Omnichannel Strategy


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The complexity of the technology, scale and skills needed to achieve true omnichannel operations and experiences can be daunting for many retailers. Add an unusual start to the year, and most brands are trying to come up with ways to finish strong.  The key is knowing what operational capabilities you need and having a plan.  

In our latest playbook collaboration with Retail Dive, we’ve done the planning for you. We’ve outlined the top five most strategic operational areas to address how to deliver on the promise of a true omnichannel experience for your customers.

Inside, you’ll find:  

  • Enterprise inventory management strategies 
  • Customer Care tools and approaches for a great brand experience 
  • How to use business intelligence technology to its full advantage 
  • Store fulfillment tips for the current climate and later 
  • And more omnichannel strategy advice 

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