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Driving Omnichannel Efficiency with Business Intelligence

We explain how to control the flood of information to your advantage.
person using tablet in warehouse

Since the dramatic increase in online shopping due to the pandemic, managing omnichannel commerce has become more challenging than ever. Not only are retailers managing brick-and-mortar data, but they’re also trying to manage data from channels they’ve recently opened and executed quickly, using old standards.  

Faced with a flood of information, not just in volume but also in variety and speed, retailers are finding it difficult to achieve actionable insights for better customer experiences.   

In our latest collaboration with Smartbrief: “Harnessing Data for Omnichannel Efficiency”, we explain how to control the flood of information to your advantage.

You’ll learn: 

  • Efficient ways to analyze data coming from a variety of sources 
  • Strategies to prepare for new buying habits and new technologies 
  • How to eliminate out-of-stock and overstock situations with connected data 
  • How to optimize order fulfillment and improve customer support 
  • Improve operations overall from end-to-end  
  • And so much more!