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A New Dawn for Dynamic Customer Care

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Visual IVR On-Demand is transforming CX while improving the bottom line.
A New Dawn for Dynamic Customer Care

Visual IVR On-Demand is transforming CX while improving the bottom line. 

Customers with questions want them answered quickly and effectively. That simple truth doesn’t resonate well with recent HelpScout statistics showing customer service agents fail to provide adequate answers to customer questions 50% of the time. Clearly, there is a gap between customers and the answers they need.  

The future of IVR today. 

The next evolution of IVR isn’t voice-based — it’s visual, and it’s ready right now. Visual IVR On-Demand guides customers to answers through touch screen menus streamed to their smartphone. An interactive digital solution that utilizes skills everyone constantly builds in our continually mobile-oriented world. 

Businesses have tried visual menus before using native apps. The cliché says there’s an app for everything, but customers just don’t download them. Clogging up your phone’s home screen with countless apps you may never actually use doesn’t appeal to anyone anymore.  

That’s where On-Demand technology closes the gap between functionality and ease of use. When customers call a business equipped with Visual IVR On-Demand, they get the solution they’ve wanted from traditional IVR with the functional design of native apps streamed instantly to their smartphone until they hang up. Exactly what they need. Only when they want it.  

No useless download. No clunky voice menus. All the answers they need. Now. 

Modern consumers are increasingly striving to solve their own problems. According to research by Forrester, 76% use web and mobile self-service channels. Customers are continually looking for more efficient and convenient ways to find the answers they’re looking for. Customer service must evolve to meet faster and more dynamic demands.

Visual IVR On-Demand delivers better answers faster. 

Traditionally, calling customer service means first wrangling with antiquated voice-based IVR before eventually being funneled to a customer service representative to find an answer. With intuitive Visual IVR platforms, customers tap their way to solutions quickly and accurately. When Michaels implemented the Zappix Visual IVR On-Demand platform, the company experienced an average reduction of 300 seconds in Average Handling Time (AHT) per call (when the customer queried information, got their answer and left without needing to interact with a customer agent). Visual IVR platforms allow for higher self-service rates, providing solutions faster without the need for any live agent interaction. A more convenient platform means more satisfied customers and lower costs for call centers.  

Visual IVR users find answers more efficiently, but they also find more dynamic solutions. New IVR platforms leverage the full power of the smartphone to improve every aspect of customer care. Basic needs are at the heart of most customer calls. They might be looking for information, confused about an offering, or trying to submit a form. Visual IVR hands customers exactly what they are looking for: the power to solve their own problems. According to the Harvard Business Review, “across industries, fully 81% of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative.” Callers can now leverage self-service functions directly from visual menus — avoiding live agent interaction all together. Radial averaged a 75% containment within the Visual IVR application during the 2017 retail peak period (10/1 to 12/30). If customers do find themselves interacting with live agents, Visual IVR On-Demand makes worthwhile use of their time. Omnichannel connectivity, co-browsing, and photos and video sharing provide agents the tools they need to for powerful and informed assistance.   

A Visual IVR platform leads to happier customers and impressive ROI. Users really do love visual IVR – Radial saw an NPS rating of 83 for users who would recommend to a friend, 91 for ease of use, and an 84 for a satisfaction with a visual smartphone experience.  Visual IVR On-Demand keeps customers loyal with dynamic customer care. Businesses love the technology too. Michaels saw over a $40k return on investment in just 3 months and contained over 13,000 customer calls on order queries. Less time spent on the phone with agents translates into lower costs at the call center.  

The revolution won’t be televised — it’s on your smartphone. 

Visual IVR On-Demand will revolutionize customer care by helping businesses lower costs while increasing their customer satisfaction. Easy to use touch screen menus make the Visual IVR experience efficient and effective. Mobile On-Demand technology delivers impressive new tools for successful customer care. Together the potent combination decreases AHT and costs while maintaining businesses’ most vital resource: happy customers.