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Future of Call Centers

In our latest market study collaboration, we explore new trends in the call center industry to watch out for in the future.

Like most office settings, call centers have not been immune to the effects of COVID. Rather than having the customer experience suffer, retailers and brands were able to step up to the plate to keep their customers happy. This meant an increase in work-at-home agents, investment in self-service technologies, and increased communication surrounding policies.  

Now, as we continue to operate in the new normal, and after already undergoing some dramatic shifts to meet the changing needs of the industry, retailers and brands can’t help but wonder what’s next. Are the current changes a permanent shift? Are they enough?

In our latest market study collaboration with CCW, The Future of the Contact Center: A Forecast, we answer these questions including new trends in the call center industry to watch out for.

You’ll also learn:  

  • Top objectives for call centers 
  • The customer experience initiatives and technologies that will be essential 
  • How to navigate challenges these new initiatives may cause 
  • And much more