Digital Customer Experience Trends, Challenges & Innovations

The New Normal is Digital: Customer Experience Trends, Challenges & Innovations


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Since the beginning of 2020, the retail landscape has seen many changes, most notably the accelerated digital adoption of consumers spurred by unforeseen circumstances: a global pandemic. Now, with the onset of the new normal, there’s a new digitally-driven expectation for customer experience.  With 82% of consumers feeling more comfortable using digital channels, retailers will need to once again change their strategies.   

Thankfully, the latest market study by Customer Contact Week (CCW), Customer Experience Trends, Challenges & Innovations, has gathered data directly from consumers to help you develop the best digitally-driven customer-centric strategy for your company. In it, you’ll find:  

  • Why the customer experience matters more than ever 
  • The new pains associated with customer care and how to combat them 
  • How customers are embracing the digital transformation and what that means for your brand 
  • Customer-centric innovations to implement now 
  • New must-have technology  
  • And much more! 

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