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New Customer Service Performance Review Standards


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Measuring customer service has never been a straightforward metric and with new customer demands, new agent environments, and new technological innovations introduced last year, it’s even more difficult to know how your service measures up. Are you empowering your agents to create meaningful connections?  Can you measure those connections? 

In our latest market research collaboration with CCW titled, “2021 CCW Market Study: New Benchmarks for Customer Contact Performance,” we uncover how companies are quantifying performance, how they’re faring in the omnichannel world, and how they’re rallying people, processes, and technology to transfigure their contact centers into sources of unparalleled value.

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  • How to measure customer service including the most important contact center metrics for 2021 and beyond 
  • New customer service standards for interaction volume and CSAT in channels like phone, social, chat, email, and messaging 
  • How to elevate agent performance and handle the surge in consumer spending 
  • And much more! 

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