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Best Practices for Navigating the AI-Driven Supply Chain


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As an omnichannel retailer, you know that the clock starts on order delivery as soon as a consumer clicks the “Buy” button. You must be able to quickly, intelligently, and economically locate the best way to fulfill every order to meet consumer demand. 

Leading retailers are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve this goal. AI can power your supply chain to rapidly assess your fulfillment options, inventory availability, local demand, delivery distance, and more to uncover the right delivery solution.  

Read RIS News’ report, sponsored by Radial, to learn how AI enables you to: 

  • Design and deploy supply chains that fulfill orders faster and more cost-effectively 
  • Use intelligent automation to improve supply chain planning and demand forecasting 
  • Analyze and leverage geographic location data to achieve a holistic view of inventory 
  • Sell seasonal inventory faster, decrease markdowns, and increase revenue 
  • Win the last mile by revealing the quickest and least expensive fulfillment options  

Get the report now to set your supply chain apart from your competitors, meet constantly evolving consumer demand, and boost revenues. 

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