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What Makes Up the Best Order Management Software?


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Change is inevitable, but the ability to adapt is not a guarantee. For many retailers and brands, last year was eye opening as they experienced firsthand the struggles with inventory management, distribution and fulfillment limitations the pandemic caused.  

Despite more people becoming vaccinated and comfortable shopping in stores, customers will still continue to use and expect the shopping options offered to them last year. Do you have a flexible system for order management that can accommodate the multiple preferences? 

Watch Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ Shruti Jadhav, Associate Research Director, and Radial’s Prashant Bhatia, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Commerce Solutions, as they discuss the key features a flexible order management system (OMS) must have for retailers to be successful now and in the future. You’ll hear stories from Bata and DSW and learn the technology trends to prepare for as we head into the next new normal. 

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