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Adopting New Technology? Here’s How to Let Your Customers Know

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Here are 4 steps to announce your newest customer care features.
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Innovation is key to the customer experience. New technology, faster processes, and better policies are always welcome change. But to have a successful launch, you need to build up enthusiasm and introduce your customers to the technology ahead of time.  

Whether you’re preparing to roll out a new self-service portal, implement live chat on your website, or add Visual IVR to your support options, here are 4 steps to announce your newest customer care features.  

Announce It in Your Email Newsletter 

First things first: you need to let your existing customers know that new technology is coming.  

Since many retail and eCommerce businesses have large subscriber lists, email is arguably the easiest way to do this. Not only can you make the official announcement there, but you can also build up suspense for the technology’s upcoming release in a series of email newsletters or an email campaign. Here are a few relevant details you can discuss:  

  • What the technology is and its purpose 
  • The benefits it offers your customer experience 
  • When the release date is 
  • Why the technology was selected 

This type of outreach drums up excitement for the launch and makes the transition much smoother for your loyal customers.  

Create Tutorials & How-To Guides 

Whether your customers love change or not, learning new technology is challenging for first-time users. But given that most shoppers want to get through the customer service process quickly, you need to make sure the transition is as easy as possible.    

Luckily, in the internet age, there are quite a few methods to deliver information on-demand. You can create short video tutorials to explain the technology and walk customers through it. Your marketing team can publish “how-to” blog articles such as how visual IVR works. And your graphic designers can draw up infographics and create interactive designs to help users master the tools. 

Regardless of the route you choose to take, drafting content prior to rolling out the technology will make the adoption more seamless and positive for all involved.  

Add Details to Your Website 

Once you’ve integrated the new tools into your systems and your customer care team is ready to use the technology, it’s time to update your website to reflect the new changes. This includes adding the new content to your blog or knowledge base, uploading videos and graphics to your contact page, and creating website copy to direct users to the new customer care options.  

You can also: 

  • Direct your live chatbots to share the updated customer support tutorials and “how-to” articles anytime your customers navigate to the “help” or “contact us” page 
  • Design a separate landing page dedicated to the new technology 
  • Update your announcement bar to point shoppers to the new customer support option 
  • Create pop-ups that display when certain actions indicate a customer needs help 

Create an Official Announcement + Share It On Social Media 

Once you’ve rolled out the technology, it’s time to let the rest of the world know it by sharing the information on your brand’s social media profiles. You can do this by writing an official blog post or press release detailing the technology update and linking to them in scheduled social media posts.  

Depending on where your audience is most active, this may not be the only channel you use to promote this technology adoption. But since nearly 80% of the U.S. population has at least one social media account, it is an easy way to reach a lot of people at once.  

Adopting new customer care technology is a great way to improve your customer experience. And by sharing the news via email and social media, creating a content library to help shoppers navigate it, and adding relevant details to your website, you can make sure your customers are ready to start using it when it goes live.