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2020 Holiday Shopping: Consumers Weigh-In


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This year has been one of the most transformative for retailers as they’ve transitioned operations to address supply chain issues, reconfigure fulfillment locations, and work virtually; all while trying to maintain a quality customer experience. For some, they were able to pull it off, but for others, the experience still needs work.  

As we head into the holiday season, most brands are counting on these sales to help them get back in the black. But the question remains, with all the forced changes to operations, how do customers feel about holiday shopping?   

We teamed up with CFI Group to survey 500 online shoppers about their take on customer service interactions with brands they’ve used recently, and how they planned on tackling their holiday shopping.

Download Holiday Shopping 2020: Starting Early, But Still Finishing Late to see: 

  • How satisfied customers are with current customer service 
  • Customer shopping expectations and timing for the holidays 
  • The customer shopping habits that remain unaltered during the holiday season 

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