Worried about what happens post-Brexit? Don’t be, we have it covered.

This is the time of year that retailers need to be 100% focused on maximising sales, not trying to 2nd guess the outcome of Brexit to protect their business.


The biggest issue with Brexit is the uncertainty. Nobody knows the outcome, so nobody can prepare. We can all see the deadline looming, but we can’t do anything about it because we don’t know which way to go. To make matters worse, the Brexit deadline coincides with the busiest time of the year for most retailers, the critical few weeks of the year that can make or break businesses. This is the time of year that retailers need to be 100% focused on maximising sales, not trying to 2nd guess the outcome of Brexit to protect their business.


Let Radial take this worry away. We have it covered. Whatever the outcome of Brexit, we can provide a solution through our range of omnichannel service solutions to protect your business, and ensure that your stock and customer orders aren’t held at customs with unnecessary delays.


SolutionMinimising the Brexit Effect
FulfilmentWe have warehouses in mainland Europe and the UK so we can offer local fulfilment solutions. Setting up a local warehouse and shipping domestically avoids cross border transactions and therefore the unknown impact Brexit will have on tariffs in terms of costs and potential border delays.
ShippingWe offer a managed shipping service so we can take the hassle out of finding the best carriers to minimise costs and lead times. We will manage the changes that may occur from Brexit by leveraging our transport management systems to use the most optimal carrier to minimise your costs and maximise the customer experience.
Omni-Channel SolutionsIf you have a store footprint, our technology can leverage your real estate to use your local store stock to fulfil orders domestically, effectively creating mini warehouses to send orders locally to customers. This can reduce shipping costs and any cross-border impact of Brexit, as well as giving you faster customer lead times. Our technology can also support ship-to-store and in-store pick-up to enable you to offer your customers collect in store. Linking in with our drop shipment technology could also help you to deliver locally from your suppliers.
Order Management SolutionsJoining all of this together is our technology platform – one console to manage stock across all warehouses, stores and drop-ship vendors. Ensuring that you are able to broker orders from a variety of different sources to the most appropriate fulfilment locations. Be it a warehouse in Europe, the UK, or even a store. This is fully configurable so changes can easily be made to minimise the impact of Brexit.


Radial helps retailers, branded manufacturers and online pure play businesses accelerate growth, improve the consumer experience and operate their omnichannel business more cost effectively. Radial’s services can be consumed on a modular or full turnkey basis. We have 6,500 employees with global operations consisting of order management, fraud protection, fulfillment and logistics services and customer care.

Introduction to Our UK Multi-Service Operations Centre

  • Established in 1999 our UK multi-service operations centre provides fulfilment, shipping, and customer care solutions for UK and European retailers and brands.
  • Centrally located, with close proximity to major carrier hubs. Reach UK customers the next-day up to 4pm order cut-off times.
  • Dedicated to eCommerce operations, the multi-client site caters to a wide mix of product verticals; including clothing and apparel, jewellery, homewares, electronics, health & beauty, and toys.
  • We offer a full mix of fulfilment services including both B2C and B2B operations, storage, pick and pack, returns processing and refurbishment, and labelling.
  • The highly flexible site features an optimum mix of fulfilment technologies, automated processes, and flexible manually processes. Offering our customers the perfect mix of efficiency and flexibility.
  • Full suite of value added services to choose from including branded packaging, gift wrapping, engraving, kitting, bundling, and marketing inserts.
  • Also available are high-security storage areas for high value goods, and dedicated branded areas for your operations.
  • With customer care agents on-site to seamlessly handle customer questions, working closely with our fulfilment and shipping teams to offer seamless levels of service.


Contact us at: salesEU@radial.com