Struggling with eCommerce Order Processing Speed and Accuracy?

Ready to Overcome These Challenges?

Retailers face a constant battle to meet customer expectations for faster shipping and order accuracy. According to a recent study by Retail Dive, 43% of retailers cite order processing speed as a top challenge, closely followed by order accuracy at 41%. 

But here’s the reality: while speed is important, cost reigns supreme. Over half of retail executives prioritize cost over speed, with 65% opting for free shipping and 64% preferring less expensive shipping. 

Discover how leading retailers are navigating the delicate balance between speed, accuracy, and cost to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. 

Learn more about Radial’s eCommerce fulfillment solutions.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Strategies for optimizing order processing speed and accuracy 
  • The impact of cost versus speed in shipping and delivery options 
  • Major changes in the retail experience and their implications 

Ready to Dive In? 

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