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Today’s consumers not only care about the quality and price of a product or service, but they also care how quickly and effortlessly they can interact with a brand. With the average customer interacting on multiple engagement channels per day, providing more options and touch points helps you be where your customers already are.

As part of Radial’s Customer Care solutions, we enable, provide, and monitor engagement channels, helping you create the best experience for your customers. We even take it a step further with our integrated engagement channels to help provide a 360 view of the customer.

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Engagement Channel Types

Social Media

Today’s most powerful customer care channel is one that can also be the most overwhelming. Expertly manage the customer experience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other major social media platforms with an offering based on your unique needs.

You can monitor activity to discover analytics and insights, or have our agents actively respond to and comment on social media posts. Either way, you’ll know your brand image is intact.


Most consumers who shop online prefer to check their order status or request additional product information via online chat. We at Radial are just as happy to chat. We have full-service chat solutions to answer questions and resolve situations in real time.


Offer your customers mobile messaging apps like SMS, Facebook Messenger and other conversational mediums to provide an immediate response to customer questions and inquiries while building a responsive and engaging brand experience with your customers.


A responsive email program is key to successful customer service. Our email support goes above and beyond performance standards including branding requirements, response times, escalation rules and more. We also leverage customer data to resolve issues as quickly as possible with answers they need.


We offer over-the-phone support in 170 languages and growing. As an extension of your brand, we answer customer questions and solve problems of every kind, keeping in line with your brand policies.

Help Desk

An efficient self-service solution, customers can find answers with our Help Desk portal. Using dynamic frequently asked questions and company policies, customers can type in questions and receive responses instantly, increasing speed to resolution and customer satisfaction.


Increase personalization and deflect call volume with two self-service options: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Visual Interactive Voice Response (VIVR) . With IVR, you can address customer inquiries without live agent assistance and VIVR turns the menu option into a digital experience.


Automate your chats and resolve customer inquiries faster with keyword research and machine learning. We’ll dig into the data to help you provide a greater personalized experience.

Web Contact Us Form

Radial helps monitor and create web contact us forms that free up time and create efficiency by routing questions to specific queues for faster resolution times.

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