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Work-at-Home Solution

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Technology & Support

We understand the frustration of lost connections and worry of information stealing. With our virtual customer service, you can be assured we have:

  • 100% Secure VPN Connection
  • PCI Compliance
  • VM Ware
  • Thin Client Deployment
  • Support for all Services
  • Equipment is supplied to all work-at-home agents


Our work-at-home employees receive virtual training that is consistent with on-site training and is delivered through our advanced learning management system and tools. Learning materials are customized based on brand and vertical. In addition, our established training framework is designed to create a solid transition from training to production. Our agents receive:

  • On-the-job learning after formal learning
  • Coaching
  • Conversations with leadership
  • Post training support

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Entirely Virtual and Convenient Customer Service

With increasing demand for virtual connectivity and business continuity planning, our remote workforce solution offers the security of a traditional call center, flexibility to fill those hard-to-fill gaps in scheduling, and exceptional customer service you need. Easily scale your business to accommodate volume fluctuations during high demand seasons with our virtual call center agents. You’ll benefit from a much wider talent pool since our agents aren’t constrained by location; they work from anywhere in the world while connected to our virtual desk infrastructure that’s 100% PCI Compliant.

Removes Geographical Restrictions

Hire customer service representatives in any city, state or country for truly 24/7 coverage for your brand. You’ll get the best agents available, no matter where they’re located.

Provides Flexibility with Staffing

Short staffing is a thing of the past with remote workforce agents. Due to their virtual and flexible nature, they can work anytime from anywhere.

Allows for Operational Dexterity

Mitigate future business disruptions and always be prepared with our agile remote workforce model specifically geared for change. Our virtual customer care allows you to become lean while still scaling to meet demand.

Can Scale On-Demand

Need to scale up or down? A remote workforce allows you flexibility to staff according to your current and future needs.

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Work-at-Home Solution