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Visual IVR

Mobile Self-Service at your Fingertips

In an age of increasing consumer independence where consumers desire self-service options that are available 24/7, Visual IVR offers always on customer service for the most frequently asked questions.  


Where’s My Order?

One of the most common reasons customers call customer service is to ask, “Where’s My Order” – in the industry, a WIZMO. Most of the time, customers are greeted by a Traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system where they are asked to respond to the prompts and press numbers to get the answers they need. Unfortunately, customers have little patience for these systems and frustration often leads them to the prompt where they can be connected to a live agent. In fact, 60-70% of Traditional IVR calls end up with an agent.

The next evolution of IVR is here — and it's mobile, visual, and easy

Visual IVR is a visual-based menu option optimized for smartphones and customers on the go. Customers simply select options by touch versus listening to a list of options and interacting via voice. The result is a much faster, frictionless, and satisfying support experience that gives customers exactly the information they want—using the channel and device that they prefer.

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Visual IVR Solution Helps Aéropostale Drive Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Aéropostale customers can now choose to quickly navigate a visual-based menu optimized for smartphones versus listening to audio prompts and interacting via voice. The result is a much faster and satisfying support experience.

Visual IVR