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Strategies for Agile, Profitable and Secure Omnichannel Execution


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The surge in omnichannel commerce has redefined the way retailers interact with customers. According to new EKN data, commissioned by Radial, retailers reveal that more than half (55%) of their customers are omnichannel shoppers. In the pursuit to remain competitive and increase the customer base, retailers have mostly focused on putting in place front-end strategies; of-late retailers have come to realize the importance of an integrated order fulfillment and secure back-end process for seamless omnichannel execution. 

Download the handbook from EKN for the 2017 research findings plus insights that will empower you to overcome your order-fulfillment challenges including:

  • Flexible fulfillment models with integrated order-fulfillment nodes that address legacy order management and fulfillment complexities. 
  • Standardized order processes across all locations and segment order types based on profitability and agility.
  • Intelligent order routing using localization models, machine learning and predictive routing/order allocation capabilities.

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