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Attitudes Among Amazon Shoppers


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Attitudes Among Amazon Shoppers

Radial conducted a National Online Survey of 1,000 shoppers to analyze attitudes, including frequency of shopping on the site, top motivators for purchasing and feelings toward the company. The survey revealed:

  • More than half of Amazon shoppers (56%) shop at least a few times a month, while 20% of those surveyed shop on Amazon at least weekly.
  • Beyond frequency, most shoppers trust Amazon, with 95% saying “trustworthy” describes Amazon very or pretty well.
  • That trust is clearly related to shopping frequency–65% of those who shop weekly say “trustworthy” describes Amazon very well
  • But that trust decreases as shopping frequency declines. The majority (55%) of those shopping 2-3 times a month say “trustworthy” describes Amazon very well, and that goes down to 45% for those shopping monthly, and 37% for those shopping less than that.

The survey results validate the importance and need for retailers to complement the skills they can’t do on their own to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Download the full survey results for additional insights.

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