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The 2018 eTail Canada Benchmark Report

Navigating the Complexities of International Expansion: The 2018 eTail Canada Benchmark Report

A new eTail Canada study, sponsored by Radial, reveals that more than one-third of Canadian retailers have started to expand their business into the APAC region, as well as Central and South America—engaging new competitive markets filled with unfamiliar customers and plenty of growth opportunity.

Creating a successful operations strategy to deliver a great customer experience abroad requires analyzing challenges to international expansion, building multi-location fulfillment strategies, and understanding cultural differences that will affect brand performance.

Read the report to uncover the most pressing challenges and strategies to combat them, such as:

  • Centralizing distribution to reduce capital expenditure and gain better control over the supply chain
  • Identifying unique consumer preferences in international markets
  • Finding global expertise to reduce operational costs and acquire customers