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An Omnichannel Retailer’s Guide to Peak Season Profitability

An Omnichannel Retailer’s Guide to Peak Season Profitability

As an omnichannel retailer, preparing for peak season can be as challenging as it is critical for your business. Your customers expect to be able to pick up and return their online orders in-store, among other popular omnichannel services. You also need to be able to ship their eCommerce order quickly using your entire inventory—regardless of whether it’s fulfilled by a distribution center, physical store, or drop-ship supplier.

But in order to meet your customers’ demands during the holiday shopping season, you need the right omnichannel approach to intelligently and profitably fulfill eCommerce orders. Download our white paper to learn the omnichannel strategies, technologies, and processes that can help you achieve your revenue goals this peak season.

Insights include:

  • Why it’s so important to have a unified view of inventory and for your website to display product availability at your customers’ local store
  • How an intelligent order management system evaluates a multitude of factors to decide the best fulfillment location for every eCommerce order
  • How driving online shoppers to stores can be a profitable strategy for increasing both short- and long-term incremental sales.
  • How Target, REI, and other leading retailers leverage their stores to fulfill eCommerce orders, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction
  • How technology can help improve employees’ efficiency and productivity when fulfilling orders in-store
  • How to speed up and simplify in-store returns

Read the white paper for the insights you need to increase profits, improve customer loyalty, and achieve omnichannel success this peak season and beyond.