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Premiere Technology Partner

Offer your customers financing options with an online, Klarna-hosted widget placed at your checkout. Klarna provides a smooth customer UX and credit application and authorization process. Once implemented, the Klarna Payments widget requires no further input from you. If we launch new or enhanced credit products, this is all handled automatically and seamlessly behind the scenes by Klarna.

The Klarna Payments widget is exceptionally flexible: real-time credit options can be tailored to your customers, your product and your business needs.

Customers no longer have to fill in lengthy personal details or credit card numbers when they want to check out with one of Klarna’s financing options. And as they don’t have to be redirected for authentication, they never have to leave your online store. This all results in a smoother user experience. Even when a customer’s credit application is rejected or interrupted, they have the option of switching to an alternative payment method without having to leave the checkout.

The result of working with Klarna is clear: greater customer loyalty, increased sales, guaranteed payments and reduced workload.