Andrea Crawford

Director of Contingent Labor
Louisville, Kentucky

Radial is a great place to work for full-time and seasonal employees, and we pride ourselves on the fun and engaging culture we create at each site. Our workforce is our greatest asset, and their hard work and dedication make each peak season a success.

Andrea Crawford • Director of Contingent Labor

Where are you based and how long have you been with Radial?

I am based in Louisville, Kentucky and have worked with Radial for 11 years.

What is your role at Radial? How has your career grown since starting with the company?

I am a Director of Contingent Labor at Radial, where I support strategy and optimization for Radial’s North American fulfillment and contact centers. I joined Radial 11 years ago as a contractor; my task was to support peak staffing. Afterward, I was hired as a full-time employee and joined the talent acquisition team. Then I progressed further into Radial’s HR department, where I held various roles that dealt with vendor management and contingent labor.

My current role primarily focuses on contingent labor and managing our workforce, processes and the 21 staffing agencies that help keep Radial staffed year-round, especially at peak. I am also part of the Strategy and Operations team and get the opportunity to support important optimization initiatives that impact Radial’s ability to attract and retain talent and productivity. 

Working directly with my teammates in workforce planning, continuous improvement, engineering and network operations on the ground, we are focused on making Radial the best place to work! I’ve been fortunate to find a company that has given me many opportunities to grow within my field and do what I enjoy, connecting with individuals and seeing them flourish.

What is the best career advice or lesson you have learned so far?

The best career advice I’ve received has been: to remain a trusted partner, an organization must strive to reinvent the ways it approaches business while staying connected, invested, and advocating for its clients and workforce.

At Radial, we always aim to re-envision how we approach the industry, service clients, and support talent growth. Our willingness to explore and experiment with new strategies and technologies positions us as a trusted partner for the brands we work with and a great place to work. The eagerness and motivation to be steps ahead are prevalent in all our core values, and every Radial member embodies it.

What do you feel makes Radial a great place to work?

Radial is a great place to work for full-time and seasonal employees, and we pride ourselves on the fun and engaging culture we create at each site. Our workforce is our greatest asset, and their hard work and dedication make each peak season a success. 

We aim to match the right people with the right opportunities. When hiring for both temporary and full-time associates, we consider what Radial can yield to our talent pool. Our associate experience is our top priority, from training and onboarding to full-time conversion opportunities. We work diligently, so our temporary and full-time associates have a great experience working for Radial.

Let’s dive into Peak!

When does Radial’s peak season start regarding hiring plans and scaling up the workforce?

Our department’s planning for peak season usually starts in the latter half of the year. We typically approach hiring plans and scaling by referencing previous peak figures to inform our strategies and work closely with cross-departmental colleagues to determine regions of broader focus. Each year is different, but historical knowledge helps plan and anticipate hiring needs.

What does your day-to-day look like during peak season?

Every day holds something new during peak season. It’s exciting, and it’s the time all our planning goes into motion, and we watch it all unfold.

Typically, I monitor the hiring progress and work closely with my colleagues and site managers to understand and solve staffing challenges while setting hiring expectations across our sites. We work closely with external staffing agencies across regions that hold job fairs and have become a true partner throughout the years to bring in top talent.

What is your favorite aspect of peak season?

My favorite aspect of peak season is seeing our planning come together. Peak often comes with unexpected issues and challenges, but it’s an open-book test. Radial has experienced many peak seasons, and we can always refer back to previous situations to guide future decisions.

Lastly, I enjoy the pace of the peak. It comes and goes very quickly, so it’s best to enjoy the ride!

From your experience, what is the key to a successful peak season?

The key to a successful peak is thoughtful planning and collaboration. This approach helps us consider possible occurrences and solutions without disrupting business operations. We leverage our historical data from previous peaks to advise our hiring procedures and consider market demand.

Any hiring trends you anticipate this year?

Across industries, there is competition for retaining and attracting talent. In the warehouse and fulfillment space, we’re noticing a shift of organizations reelevating the employee and employer relationship. Today’s workforce is looking for a great workplace and is attracted to organizations that are actively invested in the employee experience and career growth.

What is one word that describes peak season at Radial? Why?

Dynamic. Every day brings a new reality, and it’s always a joy to see how the day evolves. Our teams put a lot of work behind peak season, so when challenges arise, it’s satisfying to know that our sites are equipped to handle any situation and troubleshoot any issues.

What advice, guidance, or insight would you share for anyone potentially interested in a job at Radial during peak season?

We work with many great external staffing partners, and we’re always looking for individuals who are team players and oriented and problem solvers. At Radial, we’re a family; colleagues become friends and mentors. Throughout peak, we work hard but also have opportunities to get to know each other through site-wide efforts and activities. In addition, seasonal employees get to the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most well-known brands from apparel and sporting goods to health and beauty, even home décor. We have a variety of jobs that become available, and after the holiday season, there are permeant opportunities available as well. Ask a manager, a supervisor, or anyone else whose been with Radial for quite some time, and they will tell you how they also started as seasonal employees. Radial strives to be a great place to work, and each peak season, it succeeds because its entire workforce makes it possible.